Scrap Metal Uses

Art is one of the many scrap metal uses

What if everything that was used once could be recycled and used again? Think of how much better of a world we would live in. Less trash in landfills and oceans, new and inventive ways to use products, the list goes on. While unfortunately we’re not there yet, one of the most commonly used and important pieces of infrastructure and everyday life can be. What we’re referring to is scrap metal.

Scrap metal, that is metal that has either been used and served its designed purpose or is leftover from another project or use. There are numerous types of scrap metal which you probably have familiarity with. Examples include aluminum cans, copper from construction, even appliances coated in such materials as nickel.

In this blog post, we’re going to fill you in on a few awesome scrap metal uses that you may have previously may not have been aware of.


Canning is a method of preserving food for being delivered from the factory to the store floor. Our favorite drinks and canned foods tend to make it to our trash cans before they ever hit the recycling bin.

可回收的二手罐可以转回全新的罐头。According to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, a recycled aluminum can is able to be repurposed and may end back up on a store shelf within 60 days of it being recycled. In fact, according to the agency, producing new cans from recycled aluminum saves 95% of the energy used to produce cans.

Being able to responsibly dispose of a can and then be able to see that item back in stores within two months time is a great use of scrap, especially since it means that there is less of a demand to source new materials from mines.

Even this old crushed aluminum can on the ground can be used for scrap metal recycling

Scrapping old aluminum cans can save you a few bucks too.



Once the work is done and your weekend project is finished, taking your unused copper, brass and other metals to a recycling facility is a great alternative to simply throwing it away.

Recycling of these materials helps decrease the need to mine new metals and thus preserves the environment. Additionally, you can find a sense of pride knowing that the copper piping you recycled from your home renovation job could be being used to help construct another family’s dream home.





Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Scrap metal art has become a popular pastime for many people and it is also a great, fun way to make use of your scrap metal. Art is subjective and can be whatever you dream up. Websites such asEtsy或者Pinterest可以帮助你想出的想法你可以什么create! Your scrap metal project can make for an easy holiday or birthday gift.

In addition to art, donating or recycling old fishing materials such as lead weights is another great recreationally based way to use scrap. By recycling old lead fishing sinkers you can keep the environment clean by reducing landfill space usage and preventing weights from ending up in the ocean.


The scrap metal bird hanging on a tree seen here is just another use for scrap metal



We hope this has answered your questions about some of the different scrap metal uses. As you can see there are many different uses, each with numerous benefits. While some of these are easy and can be done on your own, other methods require assistance from a facility that is equipped to handle these materials. The best way to recycle your scrap is to bring it toob直播体育.

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