All metals have value, and that’s particularly true for scrap metal – which is far too often treated as “junk” to be disposed of. Far too many consumers and businesses don’t realize that metals can be easily recycled without losing value.

They might be surprised to learn just how many metals are commonly recycled today, and how valuable they are to manufacturers, including aluminum, steel and copper.






  • Old buildings
  • Bridges
  • Automobiles
  • 飞机
  • Appliances
  • 家居家具
  • 建筑工地
  • And a lot of businesses in your local Yellow Pages.

H2: What is Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling?



The ability to take “junk” and turn it into a ready-made product has been a major boost to, for example, the steelmaking industry, which is dependent on the scrap recycling industry to help create new items for manufacturing.

由于废料回收,高生产水平是可能的,因为购买回收产品的成本远远较低,而不是通过为维尔京矿石开采来获得全新的金属 - 这一过程不仅非常昂贵,而且对我们的环境非常昂贵和征税。

Fortunately, today recycled scrap is being used more and more often on new consumer products.

根据世界银行,废金属行业的全球GDP增长是3.0% in 2018,自2015年以来稳步增长,当时为2.4%。

In 2017, total economic activity generated by scrap metal recycling in the U.S. increased to $117 billion, while this industry has created more than 534,000 jobs.

Economically, the scrap metal industry has been a global success.


There really is a lot of value in these recycled metals.

And a lot of industries are generating scrap metal today – which can be recycled.



The construction industry is also one of the most reliable sources for scrap metal, generating a sizeable amount of leftover metals used in the construction of new homes, offices and other buildings.


Both generate a lot of scrap.


That includes food packaging companies and manufacturers of home cookery items or any furniture made with metals.

And collectively, these industries generate a lot of scrap, including:

  • Steel
  • 和铜废料欧宝体育客户端下载安全吗。

Since scrap is a commodity that can be used over and over again, the scrap metal recycling process allows these metals to get sorted, baled for shipment, shredded, and then melted.

The end result is a product ideally suited for manufacturers.

And every time we recycle, we contribute significantly to our environment.







Scrap recycling cuts down on the utilization of landfills, contributes to reducing waste, and eliminates the destruction of habitats from mining operations.

The scrap metal recycling process involves numerous steps, starting with collection.

And scrappers can target a growing number of industries today that are guaranteed to generate more scrap.


If you’re looking for scrap, think about industries that use plenty of metal. A good example is home repair work.

If you have centralized heating and air conditioning, the units providing that air eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Companies doing that work often generate a lot of recyclable material. The unit’s outer body is typically aluminum, with copper pipes circulating through it. There’s a lot of copper, electric motors and steel that come out of repair work done while crawling under houses or in tight attics.


Plumbers frequently deal with broken cast iron pipes and copper lines as they install or replace faucets, toilets, tubs, and hot water heaters.

Electrical wiring is also a good source of scrap metal. Scrap is generated by electricians when pieces are cut, thereby producing small amounts of scrap wire.

Those clippings can add up to a significant amount of copper.

The same is true for companies that replace doors and windows. Storm windows are often made with aluminum frames, generating scrap aluminum when they get replaced. The entire frame of a screen door can be made of aluminum.


Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions


And we all need to work hard to ensure that continues to be the case.

As consumer demand for new products increases, there’s also a growing need for more metals, which is why there’s a need for more industrial scrap metal recycling and consumers and businesses to bring their used scrap to an experienced firm likeob直播体育,这对所有基地和贵金属进行了环保友好的处理和回收。

This family-owned and operated business will purchase, process, and re-integrate all recyclable base metals, which are supplied to domestic mills and global end-users to be transformed into new products.

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